The above reel represents only a small cross-section of my past work. If you are considering me for a project or position and are looking for something specific, like “interfaces” for example, then please contact me and I will pull any appropriate material from my archives.
Shot breakdown
Shot 01 — San Francisco City Model
While I was at Screampoint, I was tasked with managing the creation of a model of about 2 square kilometers of SF for both realtime use and for high quality rendering. I was responsible for planning, developing methods and workflow, hiring talent, and quality assurance. Since my time at Screampont, I have overseen the expansion of this model.
Shots 02 - 07 — SF Transbay Transit Terminal
These are some of the shots from the SF Transbay Terminal pre-viz work that I was a part of while at Steel Blue | Neorama. I wore several hats for all of these. I co-managed the project, specified the camera and green screen equipment we used, took care of permitting for green screen shoots, acted as shooter and 3D compositor for all the real people in the shots, synchronized data between Max and After Effects, I did motion graphics, and contributed to the post production of all the shots.
Shot 08 — Low Poly Oakland, CA - Context of 1100 Broadway
This is a playblast of a low poly model of the area of Oakland immediately surrounding 1100 Broadway that I modeled as part of a pre-viz project for a modern office tower that was being added on to an existing structure (1100 Broadway Street). In order to build this model, I first spent a few afternoons photo-surveying all of the buildings in the model.
Shot 09 — Proposed Development, Sonoma, CA
For ths project, I was responsible for management, I also took the source photo from a helicopter, and built the 3d landscaping and massing models from CAD plans, lit, rendered, and composited the scene.
Shot 10 — The American Revolution for Students
I did this project as a freelancer, what you are seeing is part of the title sequence for a multipart series that I did all of the titles for. I did all design and production for the sequence.
Shot 11 — Honeywell Tradeshow Video
For this project, I acted primarily as Project Manager, managing a team of artists, and auditioning and hiring voice talent. On the production end, I did audio production, and provided art direction and some compositing. This is an excerpt from one of five short sequences that were created for a trade show booth at an air and space show.
Shots 12 - 13 — Korean War Stories
For “Korean War stories”, I was responsible for design and production of titles and all interior graphics. Shown are an excerpt from the opening title and one on the interior graphics.
Shot 14 — Kathy's Story
This was a quick title that I did on a very small budget with only a few clips provided on a Mini-DV tape. For the show I did the main title, and an interior animation illustrating part of gastric bypass surgery.
Shots 15-17 — Creepy Doll
These are shots that I created a long time ago using Lightwave and After Effects on a very old powermac (powermac 9500 - I think it was a whopping 132mhz).
Shot 18 — Pill Boy Rig
I built this character mainly as a quick way to try out a facial rig, but I ended up building a custom rig for the whole character that was fun to use.
Shot 19 — SF Skyline at Night
This is a night time adaptation of the current state of the SF City Model (as of Feb 2009) rendered by SteelBlue | Neorama for the SF Transbay Transit Terminal video. I did the final post work on the animation.