To create and help others create engaging and purposeful content ⋅ To always shape the best atmosphere wherever I go ⋅ To learn and share as much as I can in the time that I am alive ⋅ To always be in a position to utilize current technology in a creative way
Developed and documented a pipeline for 3D city modeling and managed teams in four countries in the creation of a best in class 3D city model of San Francisco ⋅ Honored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for my contributions to the Emmy Award winning documentary “Korean War Stories” ⋅ Planned and executed two successful public green screen shoots with over 100 actors ⋅ Performed live with a symphony for a season as a Visual Artist
Designing and delivering content across a wide array delivery media ⋅ Managing projects ⋅ Shooting and editing photography (traditional, panoramic, and aerial) and video (traditional and for compositing) ⋅ Creating assets utilizing software tools including:  Adobe After Effects, Flash, Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop  Apple Final Cut Studio, and Shake  Autodesk MAYA Unlimited, 3D Studio Max, Stitcher, and Image Modeler  DXO Optics Professional  E-on Vue Xstream  Luxology Modo  Microsoft Word, and Excel,  Nevercenter SILO  Newtek Lightwave 3D  Pixologic Zbrush  SsonTech Synth Eyes  Zengobi Curio, and many other packages / plug-ins ⋅ Coding in HTML, and some experience in other languages (CSS, Actionscript, and MEL) ⋅ Researching solutions and developing / documenting processes ⋅ Resolving technical and interpersonal problems ⋅ Organizing data ⋅ Teaching in classroom and distance learning settings
Summer 2009 - Present :: Senior 3D Artist for Autodesk, San Francisco CA.
At Autodesk I'm serving as one of two 3D artists in the Worldwide Marketing / Brand Communications department. Collectively we are responsible for directly creating and overseeing the creation of "Hero Imagery" for Autodesk's broad portfolio of 3D and 2D software. In that capacity, we are a primary factor in defining the visual language of Autodesk. In addition to creating "Hero Images", we also create still and animated visuals to support campaigns, trade shows, and gallery exhibits. Other responsibilities include docmenting and refining the 3d production pipeline, recommending 3rd party vendors, specifying hardware and software, and maintaining both our workstations and our in-house render farm.
Summer 2008 - Summer 2009 :: Creative / Project Manager for Steelblue, llc, San Francisco CA.
At Steelblue, I wore a lot of hats, responsibilities included managing projects, interfacing with clients, leading other artists, defining pipelines, specifying equipment, shooting photos and video, organizing and directing green screen shoots, synchronizing data between 3D applications and compositing applications, 3D compositing, 3D modeling, quality assurance, and many other tasks.
Spring 2008 :: Project Manager for Heartwood Studios, San Ramon, CA.
At Heartwood, I managed projects, interfaced with clients, screened talent, assisted sales, storyboarded, architected and documented company processes, and did some production.
Spring 2006 - Winter 2007 :: Senior Developer / Senior Project Manager for Screampoint, LLC, San Francisco, CA.
At Screampoint I managed the previsualization of the third tallest (at the time) building in San Francisco, managed the creation of a detailed model of San Francisco utilizing domestic and foreign talent, developed workflows, trained coworkers in China, served on a team developing a real-time game engine for BIM (Building Information Modeling), interfaced with clients, photographed regions of cities, modeled city blocks in 3D, shot and assembled spherical panoramas, researched and tested equipment for digital surveying, and provided quality control on several projects.
Summer 1996 - Spring 2006 :: Independent Designer / Services Provider, Washington, DC.
During this time, I provided 3D graphics, motion graphics, photography and video services, web design and programming, print design, illustration, teaching and curriculum development, technology consulting, and performed live as a visual artist. Clients served included PBS, NPR, The US Postal Service, The Learning Channel, National Productions, MindQ Publishing, Triad Interactive, Grey Pilgrim Robotics, Disabled War Veterans, Jewish War Veterans, Arlington County Government, the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, and many others.
Spring 1995 - Summer 1996 :: Multimedia Producer at EcoLogic Corporation, Washington, DC.
At Ecologic I provided web design for MCI Government Systems and several associations, designed logic and front ends for educational and marketing CD-ROMS, as well as provided print design, presentation graphics, 3D animation, LINGO programming, and just about everything else that embodied multimedia production in the mid 90's.
Fall 1994 - Spring 1995 :: Freelance Designer at Watermark Design, Alexandria, VA.
At Watermark, I did interface design and illustration for projects for Time-Life, NASA, and the Smithsonian Institution.
Summer 1994 - Fall 1994 :: Freelance Talent at Hone Studio / Retail Digital Marketing, Philadelphia, PA.
At Hone my primary responsibilities were photo retouching, print design, and technical support. Our main clients at the time were Friendly's Corporation, and Weiss Markets.
Winter 1993 :: Intern at Lyons, inc., Wilmington, DE.
At Lyons, I worked on a stage show for Tyco Toys, designed and implemented a database for Hospice, and provided technical consulting.
Winter 2005 - Winter 2007 :: Member of the Pixel Corps, San Francisco CA
Served as Senior Artisan on the Green Screen Team, served as a Mentor developing computer based training for Realviz Stitcher, and worked on the podcasts “MacBreak” and “This Week in Tech”
Fall 1990 - Spring 1994 :: B.S. in Visual Communications from the University of Delaware, Newark, DE
Emphasis on graphic design, advertising, and applied photography.
Spring 1992 :: Semester abroad at the University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton England
Emphasis on video production and animation.
The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences: Emmy for Outstanding Historical Documentary Long Form.
“Korean War Stories” - 2001
Communication Arts: Best Educational Use of Multimedia.
“The Virtual Body“ - 1996