About The Site


Thanks for taking time to visit my site. I am Brad Avery (as you likely have concluded from the site name), and this site is intended to provde an ongoing window into my current explorations in various media. Much of what you see here will be work in progress, some of the content will be summaries of completed work. For me, the pupose of taking the time to put content on this site is to provde motivation to keep active as an artist and force myself to produce and share results of my personal study. I welcome feedback on anything that I post as long as it is focused and constructive. I am no stranger to having a web presence, however, historically I have been very lousy about updating my site. As of the date of this writing, I have replaced my old site with this more streamlined and blog-centric revision, I am not planning to put up any of the old content again, unless I am building on it for new work. If you are considering me for employment (freelance, or otherwise) and would like to see anything that I have done in the past, please let me know the kind of content you would like to see and I will pull relavant mateials from my archives.

About Me (as far as CG and work is concerned)

Ever since I was in third grade, I have been interested in the fusion of art and technology. I got my start in 1982 with a TRS-80 color computer that my parents generously gave me for Christmas (which I had begged for for quite some time.) I felt like I ruled the world back then with my 16k of ram and tape recorder for storage. Early on, I discovered that my favorite thing to do with my computer was to create images (with code because I didn't own any software to do it with), then yell at the top of my lungs for my parents to come and see them before I either shut the computer down, or began the time intensive process of saving to cassette.

Around that time I became aware of some of early work being done in digital 3D animation and began to take in as much as I could on the subject (I remember riding my 10 speed bike downtown as a sixth grader to go to a computer convention, just to see early CG hardware and software). I also remember a few years later seeing that Andy Warhol was starting to use computers for his pop art, and thinking that computers in all aspects of art would soon be manistream.

In high school I was a bit of a closet nerd (or was it obvious?) I got my first computer that had enough horsepower to do some basic 3d work (an Amiga 1000), and I began experimenting with some very primative 3d software.

In my college years, I foucsed mainly on shaping my traditional art and conceptual skills, all while independently studying 3D graphics on the side (using Lightwave running on an Amiga / Video Toaster, and some Mac based 3d programs). I ultimately graduated with a degree in Visual Communications (Graphic Design, Advertising, and Applied Photography) and went into the workforce. My greatest regret from that time is that I never penned the leter to John Lasseter that I worked out in my head begging for an internship at PIXAR (before they made movies). California was so far away and I was not the most confident person back then — hindsight….

Professionally, I started out focusing on trying to learn about and do everything in terms of production, and I usually ended up being the go-to person whereever I worked when it came to solving creative or technical problems. If I didn't know the answer right away, then I enjoyed finding the answer and adding to my understanding (not much has changed in that respect). Early in my career, I realized that the best way for me to learn as much as I could as fast as I could was to become a full time freelancer and morph into a business owner. To that end, I spent 10 years in DC working on a broad array of projects for a number of clients all while learning a lot and making a lot of good friends in the process.

In 2005, My wife and I moved from DC to the SF Bay Area for the greater opportunities it afforded creatively, and for a change of scenery. Since being here, I have worked primarily with architectural pre-visualization, and city modeling both as a Manager and an Artist. That said, I am very intersted in all uses of CG from film, to games, to educational media, and fine arts.

Simply stated, my goals at the moment in terms of my career are to keep taking on work that is both challenging, and rewarding (in terms of experience and financially so), to do memorable work, to expand my sense of community, to continue growing as a person, and to enjoy life in the process.