April 28, 2009

Day and Night

I enjoy shooting panoramas, and I have gotten to shoot some pretty cool ones in past year. The images below are sections of two spherical panoramas that I shot from the massive penthouse high atop the St. Regis in San Francisco (The original images are 16,400 pixels wide). These images are part of an architectural rendering project that I worked on with SteelBlue | Neorama. Most of the photography I shot for the project was used to demonstrate the actual views outside the windows of the various rooms in the penthouse, since the interiors were not completed, we did those as 3d renders. The renderings from the project itself are mostly confidential due to the nature of the property, some of them however can be seen here. Around the time that I took these, I also got the opportunity to get on top of some other buildings in the area and I would love to get on top of some more to shoot - fun stuff. Anyway, since these are not anywhere else on my site, I thought I'd at least put them here.

Day view looking North from the St. Regis Penthouse

Night view looking North from the St. Regis Penthouse

April 13, 2009

Revisiting Zbrush

After a long absence (I bought an Intel based Mac a while back, and Zbrush did not run at all on Intel Mac), I am now back to running Zbrush. I'm taking some time to get up to speed on the changes that came with version 3 and for the most part liking it, although there are are few persistent bugs and omissions that I am finding (no turntable - c'mon!). One thing that is nice is the addition of subtools which allows for having several pieces of geometry linked together in a way that you can have them all in your editable ztool at once. Here you can see my in-progress greyhound character (Modeled low poly in MAYA / detailed and painted in Zbrush)

Greyhound Model in Zbrush 3.12

April 07, 2009

Where's the Love?

There was a special section in last months "SanFrancisco" magazine that highlighted some of the downtown SF Luxury towers. A couple of the images in the section were uncredited, and at least one should have been credited. Normally I wouldn't write about this, but the images happen to be ones that I was directly involved in. The photo in the center is a crop of an aerial shot that I photographed for SteelBlue | Neorama of Millennium Tower (the color treatment was done by Ronin Advertising) - the photo should be credited to Steelblue | Neorama. The images on the right were produced by Screampoint LLC (I managed the project).

Uncredited images from march 2009 SF Mag

April 04, 2009

Gigapixel Fun

Recently I shot and stitched the largest pano that I have ever attempted. This thing is a monster, and I would really love to find a buyer so that I can see it printed full size (100' x 2' at 300dpi). The panorama covers from the point where the Bay Bridge hits Treasure Island, all the way to the point where the Golden Gate Bridge hits the Marin headlands. There is no good way of showing the image in its entirety here, so I'll defer you to the image below and ask you to use your imagination.

Gigapixel photo of SF

Fresh Start

Welcome to my new blog. All the old posts have been removed, and I am starting fresh. If you are wondering what this is all about, please visit my about page.