June 26, 2009

Trapcode Horizon Test

I recently purchased some new After Effects plug-ins, one of which is Trapcode Horizon. Horizon is a handy little plug-in that allows you to import spherical panoramas into AE and navigate around them. In this test I took two spherical panos (an original that I shot, and a version with a 3d villa and pool composited in (both from my time at Screampoint)), aligned them, and animated a 3d camera in after effects. The people are people that I shot on green screen for another project (hence the sweater on the girl in the middle of the desert ). The sparkles on the pool are done using Trapcode particular. The caustics on the pool and on the wall at the end of the pool are generated in AE. The animated result can be seen here. The video was made using lower res versions of the panos (3k wide vs 7K wide for the final panos that the files came from - I did this for speed as this is a test. The video would be a lot sharper had I used the 7K renders as source material. Anyway, after doing this simple test, I see a lot of possibilities....

Frames from Trapcode Horizon experiment