April 28, 2009

Day and Night

I enjoy shooting panoramas, and I have gotten to shoot some pretty cool ones in past year. The images below are sections of two spherical panoramas that I shot from the massive penthouse high atop the St. Regis in San Francisco (The original images are 16,400 pixels wide). These images are part of an architectural rendering project that I worked on with SteelBlue | Neorama. Most of the photography I shot for the project was used to demonstrate the actual views outside the windows of the various rooms in the penthouse, since the interiors were not completed, we did those as 3d renders. The renderings from the project itself are mostly confidential due to the nature of the property, some of them however can be seen here. Around the time that I took these, I also got the opportunity to get on top of some other buildings in the area and I would love to get on top of some more to shoot - fun stuff. Anyway, since these are not anywhere else on my site, I thought I'd at least put them here.

Day view looking North from the St. Regis Penthouse

Night view looking North from the St. Regis Penthouse